Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Old school

Ugh. Well, we had our final exams today. They definitely didn’t go as well as I wanted them to. The first one was REALLY bad, considering there were things on it that I didn’t even learn (I had switched into the class 3 days into it). I think I guessed on more than half of it. I guess I’ll see how I did tomorrow. Regardless, I rewarded myself with some gelato today. I’m really starting to like this new place where we can get more than one flavor at a time. Today I got tropical fruit and mango! Lunch was interesting because now we have too many people to all eat at once, so Merete and I and a few others had to wait until the next shift of people. I felt like I had “second lunch” at high school, haha.

This afternoon Chryssi got her ear pierced. Well, she has both of her ears already pierced and has a small hoop in her cartilage as well, but today she got a horseshoe shape (or as they called it: ‘banana’) one right under her other hoop. The piercing and tattoo place is RIGHT around the corner from Jardines, so I reminded her that if she fainted we wouldn’t have to drag her far. Hmm…maybe I’ll finally get my ears pierced :P

Before dinner we booked our cheeeeeeeeap place to stay at in Cabo de Gata (well, technically it’s San Jose). It’s right on the coast AND right in the park, so that’s good! However, the bus station isn’t as close as we had hoped. I guess we’ll have to take a taxi.

Before people went out tonight we had a little music/video party in our room. Old school music like Hanson, Backstreet Boys, N’Sync, Avril Lavigne and DISNEY SONGS! It was fun.

Well, time for bed. Last day of our Spanish intensive class tomorrow!

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