Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Streets and Sprains

It rainnnnnnnnned a bunch today…so it was rather difficult to go outside. The streets are pretty dirty here, plus they’re doing street construction everywhere. Every street is only about 10 feet wide, made out of blocks of stone. They’re literally tearing up the whole city (Paula mentioned this on our first day there), but plan to be done within the next couple weeks…so before all the ACTUAL students arrive for classes. This makes for loud evenings, because trash pickup is around 2am, and then they start construction around 4. Also, there is a building very close to us that is having a lot of work done, so between streets being hammered, buildings being torn down, and loud bars, it makes for an interesting night’s sleep. Good thing I’m always so exhausted that I just pass out! But yeah, there is a lot of street work and when they decide to tear up only half of the street so people can still pass on the other side, cars/motos sometimes decide to try the streets still, and then it’s like a bad dream, where you’re being chased down a small alley by a large machine. However, the MAIN reason I believe the streets are dirty is because there are so many wild dogs. They’re ALL over the place. Some are really cute, but some not so much. There’s this one weiner dog that must live somewhere by us that’s really cute. These dogs just go to the bathroom in the middle of the street, and obviously there’s no one to pick it up. Even the people who walk their dogs just sort of leave it. So, it both smells and makes the streets really dirty. I made the mistake of trying to read my “20 Minutos” while walking…I will make sure I keep my eyes on the ground ahead of me from now on.

Life at Jardines is like living in a Telenovela. Drama, drama, drama. And it only gets more exciting every day! The tiny little old lady sprained her foot today, so now she’s on these crutches things for 4 weeks! I’m not exactly sure what happened, but she kinda always shuffled around, so I think she must have slipped on the marble. It gets REALLY slippery when its wet…even I’ve slipped quite a few times when it’s not wet.

Hopefully tomorrow it will be nicer outside…I wanted to get some good pictures of the cathedral!

Gelato count: 12…it was too rainy!

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