Friday, September 11, 2009

The good, the bad, and the...confusing.

Friday! Horray! Class today went by pretty slowly, but that was just because we’re all looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow we have our tour of the Albycin, the Moorish community next to the Alhambra. Not quite sure what to expect, once again, but I’m sure it’ll be fun! They said ‘be prepared for a lot of uphill walking’, so I guess I’ll get to work off some of that gelato.

I finally finished Breaking Dawn today! I’d had it sitting in my room at home FOREVER, and had about 100 pages to finish. I saw it at the AIFS library and decided to bring it back here to read. SO good, but I can’t tell if they’re gonna try and make another book…I’d read it. Speaking of Twilight, I’m super upset that I’ll miss going to the premier at midnight when New Moon (the movie...durrhh) comes out. They have 4 or 5 movie theaters really close by, but they’re just getting movies that came out in the states at the beginning of the summer…so I doubt they’ll have it for a while. THEREFORE, I have decided that I’m gonna go see it the day I come home (planning ahead, I know). I want to DRIVE to the movie theater too…it’s weird, but I really actually miss driving. Not because it takes less energy than walking, I just always enjoyed a nice drive. I have actually really enjoyed walking everywhere.

Merete and I went for a rather long strollllllll today. We grabbed some gelato and wandered around, window-shopping like all the locals. However, with her blonde hair, it’s hard for us to blend in, haha. I keep telling her I’m gonna dye it while she’s sleeping some night. She threatens to dye mine blonde again. Eek! At dinner, it came up that I had been a blonde, and Amaia, one of the Spaniard girls didn’t believe me. I pulled out my ICIS card to show her. She seemed very shocked, and thought it was really (smart and) funny that I dyed my hair. She said I looked more Spanish. Mission completed. Although…my roots are starting to show…

Before dinner, Will was craving some gelato, so I accompanied him to our favorite place. No, I restrained myself from having a second helping. We sat down to people-watch in the plaza. There were 2 guys entertaining a large group of children in the center of the plaza with big bubbles. They had the same sort of contraption my mom brought to the reunion…it’s made out of 2 sticks with a string attaching them. They would dip it in the bubble mix and then let the wind make these HUGE bubbles. The kids loved it, and it was a lot of fun to watch! I think EVERYONE in Granada was out then…the plaza was packed. I guess we’re starting to catch on to the timing of everything.

I’m a little confused as to what we’re allowed to do here at Jardines. Some of the workers are crabby towards those of us who aren’t very good at speaking Spanish. I think they may just be frustrated that we can’t communicate with them very well. I thought everything was going fine, but tonight I got yelled at for having the light on in my room. I’m not quite sure why I can’t have it on…I’ll have to ask Paula about that as well. Will and Chryssi also got yelled at for sitting in the lobby with their computers (their rooms don’t get internet…they said they’d fix it about 4 days ago). I guess we’ll figure things out as we go. It’s just scary to get yelled at and not really understand what they’re saying!

Well, I’d better turn the light off before I get in any more trouble. Goodnight!!

Gelato count: 10

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