Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Planning ahead...

For some reason all of the German kids don’t eat any meals with us…I guess they heard about the weird meals we get fed. SPEAKING of which, this morning we were about to celebrate because we thought they finally got us strawberry marmalade (it’s sad, but we have to find happiness in the smallest victories here…) but then were shocked to find out that it was actually TOMATO marmalade. Wow. However, this might help Chryssi, Marisa and I convince Emilio that tomatoes are actually fruits…because honestly, who makes marmalade out of vegetables? Exactly.

I searched around a bit for flights to different places today…trying to plan out the rest of the semester since Paula just reminded us yesterday that we only have 10 weeks left once normal classes start. AHH! Time is going so fast!

I also signed up for the Morocco trip today. I had talked with Mostapha from Circus a bit and he wanted me to go visit his sister who lives in Tangier and stay with her. So Will and I had planned on doing that, but after thinking it though, we decided that maybe we’d be better off just going with the group on this one. I still really want to meet up with them even if it’s just for a quick visit! Paula seemed to think that that was definitely possible.

Apparently there’s free cover and an open bar at the disco Granada 10 tonight…a bunch of AIFS kids were going—along with some other people we’ve started to meet here at Jardines. I’m actually starting to think it was a really good idea to be here rather than in a homestay. I know the kids in homestays are forced to speak more Spanish, and will probably learn more than me, but here I get to meet kids from all over and actually hang out with them. Tonight there are a few guys from Jardines that were going with the AIFS crew…one of them, Florian, was REALLY trying to get everyone to go. He’s extremely outgoing! I figured that since I’m usually tired anyway in my 9am class that I probably shouldn’t go to the disco at 3am.

Well, I’d better go get that sleep then! Have a good night!

Oh, I forgot about this random little thing from the beach…we were all just laying there, and every once in a while a vendor of some sort would walk by, usually selling drinks or massages. This one Chinese woman walked by and started trying to talk to Chryssi in Mandarin. It was a funny situation because Chryssi was having trouble understanding the lady, considering she speaks Cantonese. However, I understood most of what she said, and answered her at one point. That got a pretty funny look!

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