Sunday, September 13, 2009

A restful day...sort of.

Today I got to SLEEP IN! Too bad I slept in a little too long to get churros in the morning. They were already serving lunch when we went. I guess I’ll have to either wait until next week or go before school sometime this week. Churros con chocolate sounds a LOT better than the pan tostada that we’ve had every morning so far.

After lunch Will and I did some laundry, but had to take it down pretty quickly because a storm blew through. If the wind had been any stronger, I think some of our clothes would have blown off the balcony. When I went up to grab our clothes, I got yelled at by a different lady. Paula had said we were allowed to do laundry that we didn’t want to give to them (since it takes a week to get back), but apparently they thought differently. She kept telling me I needed to put everything in my laundry bag and leave it for Julia…but all I wanted were a couple things! Good thing I got what I needed off the lines outside, though, because after I had gone back inside she took the key with her. Some of the other kids’ stuff is out there still… I think we’re going to talk to Paula tomorrow to clear up some rules here in Jardines. It’s just really hard to explain yourself when they talk so fast and have trouble understanding our Spanish. I thought I was helping by relieving them of some work. I guess not.

A lot of people went to the beach again today. I’m kind of glad I decided not to go. Initially I had decided not to go because we are all going to the beach next week and I didn’t want to waste money, but then I saw what the weather was like and was really glad I had decided against it. It rained for quite a while today. Those of us who were still here had been planning on going to a Flamenco show tonight in the Albayzin, but then decided against it, thinking that we’d wait for the others and go a different night. Instead, a small group of us just went and walked through the Albayzin for a bit. We stopped to take some pictures of the Alhambra lit up. It was really spectacular! We then found a place to eat, where we could sit and still see the Alhambra. I got a Copa Brasil, which was basically ice cream with espresso sauce. Very good. However, the tapas weren’t that good at all (potato chips with bbq sauce...), so we ended up getting ‘shawarma con pollo’ on the way home. Merete dubbed it her ‘Chipotle of Granada’.

Time for bed. Wouldn’t want to fall asleep in Emilio’s class tomorrow…

Gelato count: still at 11…I’ll make up for it tomorrow.

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