Wednesday, September 16, 2009's local

Well, today started off nice. It was rather cool out, actually, which was a change from the normal 100 degree weather we’ve been having since we got here. Mid-day it got a bit warmer, but still was a very nice temperature. The locals have brought out their jeans and long sleeved shirts—though to me as a Minnesotan, it’s definitely still shorts season. I guess I’ll have to try and blend in…jeans it is. Today included another lonnnnnng walk…just sort of scoping out the area some more. That is, before it rained. I finally found a beach towel that was less than 10 Euros (!), and also picked up some snacks to eat between classes.

Between lunch and dinner some of us went out to get some food…since lunch wasn’t the staff’s best. We ended up at this nice café in Plaza Trinidad. I got churros con chocolate because I wasn’t actually that hungry (and I missed mine on Sunday). Right when we were almost done eating, it started to POUR. It was a literal downpour. We were eating outside in their terrace seating, so luckily we had a roof. BUT, it was still blowing in from the sides, and after a bit all of the water from across the plaza started flowing under our feet. It was crazy…I tried to take a picture, but it doesn’t quite give the experience justice. Luckily I had packed my umbrella earlier (going against Will’s: “well, it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain.”). Right now I’m sitting in the lobby of Jardines and I can’t even hear ANYTHING other than the rain pounding on the skylights.

I was looking online to see what sorts of things are going on in Europe within the next few months to see if there is something I wanted to attend. So far I have found a Backstreet Boys concert, Jonas Brothers concert, David Bisbal concert, bull fight in Madrid, Club Atletico de Madrid soccer game, and a few other things. So far I haven’t found anything circus related…but I’d love to! I was considering looking into the Latina Festival in Italy…but unfortunately it’s sort of at an awkward time.

Dinner time…wish us luck, haha!
Hasta luego!

Gelato count: 12…I know, I’m really slacking.

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  1. You have to start posting a picture or two up here so we don't miss them!

    Miss you!