Tuesday, September 8, 2009

SCARLET! haha.

YAY! I moved up to the next level, and what a good choice. This class was actually EASIER than the other class, simply because I didn’t spend all my time trying to explain simple concepts to the people next to me. The teachers both seem nice, and I know a couple of the other kids in the class. However, it IS in the other building, and takes about an extra 10 minutes to get there. I guess I’ll just have to go to bed even EARLIER! No chupitos for me! Haha. I really liked my class in general. The location is beautiful, because it is even higher on the hill than the other CLM building…even closer to the Alhambra if that’s possible. I took a picture of the hillside during our short break during class (dork!) so that will be up shortly on flickr!

There are about 5 of us at the Kenia building, so we all hurried back for lunch. Actually that’s a lie. I had eyed a panaderia on the way to class, and suggested we stopped on the way back. Nothing too big to spoil lunch though…I ended up getting this ‘filo dough’ looking thing with chocolate/nutella paste on the inside. Yum. Lunch was…interesting as always. We had egg-drop soup, baked vegetables and large slabs of some kind of fish. I was actually kind of glad I ate that pastry—sorry, Scarlet! It was funny though, because Elena had her 2 kids with her, a boy and a girl, who thought it was funny to run into the comedor and yell random things in Spanish. I think they thought none of us spoke much Spanish (well, we kinda don’t), but we could still understand them—AND there were a couple of the Spaniard girls eating with us as well. I think one of the kids yelled “VENGAMOS BAILAR” about 30 times. Random, but funny.

After lunch, I had to go over to the AIFS office to do some things (get stamps, sign up for some other activities, chat with Paula, get ‘Breaking Dawn’ from their library, etc.). ANNNNND I got some gelato on the way back at my regular place. I went for the Roché for the second time since I’ve been here. It was wonderful.

WEIRD dinner. Really weird. Weirdest yet by far. I don’t know what Scarlet was thinking…maybe it’s traditional Spanish food, but I doubt it. We had squash soup, rice with mushrooms and hot dogs. Ironically, we learned the word for hot dog today in class—perritos calientes. The Spaniard and kid from Holland thought that was pretty funny that I knew that word. I guess it was a good meal though. OH—and bread. We had lots of baguette-type bread, as always.

Time for bed.
Goodnight, Alhambra.
Goodnight, Jardines.
Goodnight, gelato.


Gelato count: 8

p.s. Danny, the guy from Barcelona, has gone back home :/ it was fun hanging out with him and trying to talk about all sorts of things (movies, music, etc.). He left us his number in case we want to stop by there after our trip to Madrid. How fun!

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