Monday, September 14, 2009

Recess? Beach? Dark chocolate? Bueno.

I skipped breakfast this morning with full knowledge that I’d be better off stopping at a panaderia on the way to class. And that I did. Class was the same as ever, but it was really nice out today—not too hot, not too cold, so break time was actually really enjoyable! I think I’m finally starting to fall into a sort of schedule! Today, like a real local, I grabbed the free “20 Minutos” paper that is handed out for free (until they run out) on the sidewalks in the mornings. I enjoyed reading about the sports teams (Real Madrid game on tomorrow!) and different TV shows that are popular here. However, it definitely took me longer than the twenty minutes it’s supposed to take to read!

Today after lunch I booked the apartment/hotel for the second night at the beach this weekend. Everyone from AIFS is going for Saturday-Sunday, but then a few of us wanted another day of relaxation, so we went in on staying another night! I think it should be fun! Mediterranean, here I come!

There are more and more Spanish students starting to move in. We have a guy living just down the small hall from us. I don’t think he’s been to any meals yet though…so maybe he’s not ACTUALLY moved all the way in yet. Some of the other students have shown up to meals, and it’s fun to watch them walk into the room of 10 Americans and choose a table. Just kidding, we’re all very welcoming!

I just become more and more impressed with the dubbing of English TV over here the more I watch. The voices they get literally sound exactly like each character. Before dinner tonight a big group of us were watching Disney Channel’s Recess…one of my favorite shows from way back when. We all knew the characters and story pretty well, and all agreed that each of the voices sounded exactly the same! It’s really kind of weird. Also, the timing is VERY spot on. I’m impressed. Tonight Will found out that they show Smallville dubbed in Spanish. He was pretty excited.

Time for bed! Another Spanish-filled day for me tomorrow!
Buenos noches!

Gelato count: 12 (Chocolate Negro…chocolate brownie a.k.a. dark chocolate. YUM.)

p.s. I signed up for intramural futbol today! :)

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