Thursday, September 10, 2009

From Scattergories to Orchestras

Before class Chryssi and I saw Javier (our old teacher) in the hall. He stopped us to ask if we were in the intermediate level. Yessssss we are, and he asked how it was. It’s going really well, and he seemed decently happy that we seemed to find where we fit. So that was good. Today in class we played Scattergories! It was awesome, but I failed miserably, haha. We also got to listen to this one song and talk about it . All of us really liked it, so Emilio let us listen to it a bunch. By the end we were all singing. We’ve now been playing it all day off of youtube…I think we’re a bit obsessed. The ladies who work here just sort of roll their eyes at us, haha.

Today for lunch we had spinach soup, breaded pork and french fries. I thought it was sort of random, but everyone seemed to enjoy it. I thought I might not like the soup, but it was actually pretty good! After lunch I did some research about flights and busses and such for when I want to travel. Everyone has started making plans to go places after our Madrid trip (October 1-4), because we have until the 7th to travel. I’m thinking I want to go to Barcelona! Or Paris. Or Florence. Oh decisions, decisions. AND, some of us are planning on staying an extra day when we go to the beach next weekend with AIFS. We found a bus back home and everything—all we have to do is find a hotel. Maybe if the one we’re staying in with AIFS isn’t too expensive (I doubt it is since they’re brining 50+ kids there), we could just stay there another night.

Another odd dinner (even the Spaniards were iffy about it…) led us to go grab tapas at our favorite tapas place, El Cine. Today they were little pizza like things with vegetables and bbq sauce. On the way over, we ran into this small concert on the stairs of the cathedral. There were lights set up on a make-shift rafter system (not sure Tim would approve…haha) and speakers surrounding the musicians. It was some sort of orchestra playing…no idea who though. I took some photos, so those should be up shortly! It was a very cool atmosphere, and obviously the photos won’t do it justice!

Class early tomorrow, so I’d better get some sleep! Check out the new photos I posted a link to! Buenos noches!

No gelato today…count is still at 9

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