Friday, September 18, 2009


Friday already. Wow. I feel like it was just the weekend! No complaints, especially since I get to pack for the BEACH tomorrow! Yay! I’m excited because, unlike most of the kids here, I haven’t been to the coast yet, so it’ll be something new! It should be fun, and hopefully it won’t rain. Regardless, it’ll be nice getting out of Granada.

Internet at Jardines isn’t working so well…so posts may be coming in bulk, like these two. I think it’s because more students are moving into Jardines and are online as well. There’s one kid that just moved in here from the Canary Islands who speaks pretty good English. I think he’s coming out to Karaoke tonight with all of us. This should be interesting…I heard Alan sang Backstreet Boys last night.

I’m heading out now to go join a pick-up fútbol game with Adam and Will and some other UGR students. I’m not quite sure what to expect, but I heard the ground is cement-like. One kid already sprained his ankle playing basketball, but hopefully my shins can hold up for some intramural.


Whoa. I am out of shape. I just played soccer for a whole hour! We rented a court (cement.yup.) and played for a bit. We were playing 5 vs. 6 but then this Spanish kid named Saul came and asked if he could play. Turns out he is studying Physical Education at UGR and so a few people got his number to do an intercambio sometime. It was a lot of fun playing soccer again, even though the cement was really slippery (and hard) and the ball was a size 3, haha. I can feel my shins starting to ache…uh oh. I wonder how you say ‘ice’ in Spanish…I’ve never had to ask for that before. Or I could just go get some gelato and hope it cools my shins down too.

Now we’re going to hear another free concert on the cathedral steps (about a 2 minute walk). Apparently tonight the orchestra is playing Disney songs! My favorite! Then it’s on to karaoke.

I got some more photos loaded today. Hope they turned out okay!

Buenos noches!

Gelato count: 13…thought I’d try and hold back for the beach.

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  1. Hahaha, one of the few spanish words I still know! Ice = hielo. :)