Friday, September 25, 2009

El vino vino, pero no vino vino, vino vinagre!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Today Emilio wasn’t in class, and the substitute was sick…so Sonia had to teach BOTH classes for the entire 4 hours. Ouch. It actually wasn’t that bad…and it was fun for us because Daryl is in the other class, so we got to have class with her! After lunch Will and I went to check out this “Festival de Chocolate” that is in the Bib-Rambla Plaza by us. It was just 2 tents with…basically nothing much (except some chocolate), so we opted for some gelato instead!

Tonight most of us Jardines kids went to see our second Flamenco Guitar concert at the Museo Casa de los Tiros. Tonight there were three performers: Alfredo Mesa (Guitarra flamenca), Karim (Guitarra clasica), and Ramon del Paso (Guitarra flamenca). I really liked the first and the second guys. We didn’t get nearly as good of seats as we did last week, but all you really need to do is hear it—so it was still a lot of fun! While listening to the second guy playing, I was reading his bio in the program and saw that he was born less than a year before Daniel! I bet the Spaniards here wouldn’t know what to do with his kind of music though…haha.

After the concert we walked over to the Shawarma place that we had gone to on Monday. We missed dinner because of the concert, so we were all really hungry. The guys in the restaurant remembered us from Monday, which was pretty funny. I’m sure we’ll be back there again sometime soon!

On the way back to Jardines, we checked out Hannigan’s because we thought they had said they had karaoke on Thursdays…and Merete really wanted to sing. However, it was pretty empty so we ended up just coming home. I guess we are all pretty tired anyways, so that was probably a good idea. Maybe next week.


Gelato count: 17

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