Saturday, September 26, 2009

...A bit under the weather

Friday, September 25, 2009

Today was a pretty normal day…breakfast, school, lunch, walking around, etc. In class we started reviewing for our finals—EEK! Ours is on Tuesday, and from the looks of it, I’ll be studying all of Sunday.

Will and I booked our hostel in Barcelona for after the AIFS trip to Madrid. It’s this tiny little place, but I think it should be fun! It’s really close to the center of the city, which we read was really important. Even though we don’t have very much time there, I think it will be a good experience. Some other people are staying in Madrid, some people are going to Portugal and other random places. We figured that since AIFS never makes any trips to Barcelona that we should try and get there even if it’s only for a short time!

Tomorrow we have our AIFS hike through the hills and valleys of Granada…not sure what to expect, but Inma and Paula both said it’s pretty intense. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better than I am tonight before we leave at 10am tomorrow morning. I’m pretty sure I have a fever, and I feel really nauseous. I’m planning on just sleeping through dinner and trying to rest up for tomorrow. I can’t believe some people are actually going out to the disco tonight!! Craziness.

Well, wish me luck on the hike tomorrow!

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