Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hiking al Llano de la Perdiz

Today we got up in time to get some breakfast in our stomachs before the long hike. We left at 10am and I was surprised to see so many people at our meeting point…considering what I heard about their nights yesterday! Haha. As we started walking from Plaza Nueva, numerous kids admitted to either still being a bit tipsy or extremely hung over. Paula just e and said “me too”. I guess she had a fun night too! Inma and her husband, Raul were the leaders of the pack—Paula sort of hung back with us. As I said, I had no idea what to expect. We started walking and ended up by the Alhambra again. It was a super long uphill walk on uneven cobblestone ‘stairs’. Then it was even more uphill walking, but this time on semi-paved pathways. The group started to stretch out, and it was obvious who had been out the night before. Regardless, everyone managed to keep up pretty well!

We walked through all of these orchards of olive trees, and then past the Granada Cemetery (I guess we took the shorter way this time…) and then started to take a more…less traveled path. There were so many awkward rocks and stones that it was almost impossible to look up while walking, but we took short breaks every so often to get some pictures: The views were amazing, so I guess all the sweat was worth it! After about 2 hours we stopped at this little rest stop (for cars…of people who had DRIVEN there) to eat our bocadillos. Unfortunately, Scarlet had put ours in the freezer last night, so mine still wasn’t thawed out. Good thing I had brought some of my “maria” brand crackers with me!

The way back down was REALLY cool. Inma told us “the way down is a lot more dangerous” and we all sorta just shrugged that off. She wasn’t kidding. We were on these tiny paths along the side of the hill that had the hill on one side and a big drop off on the other. Our group was really spread out again, so with all the turn backs in the path, it was fun to look across the valleys and see the other people in the group! (Look at the pictures!) The whole hike took about 4 hours…and my feet were dead. However, it was really actually quite relaxing, since it was really quiet. No motos, no loud bars, no screaming babies. It was very peaceful.

On the way home we decided we wanted to go to Hipercor to buy a George Forman grill (Jorge Forman…). We miss steak. And grilled cheese. I wonder if those are allowed in our rooms…or if we’ll have to get an extension cord and cook on our balconies. Whatever, I can’t stand eating so much fish.

Tonight we got Dominoes Pizza…didn’t taste quite the same, but it was a good change from the cuisine here at Jardines. Still no George Foreman grill, maybe tomorrow. We also watched Wedding Crashers. I guess it was a night to be American. Well, gotta rest up for churros con chocolate tomorrow!
Buenos noches!

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