Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1 month down, 2 1/2 to go!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Study time!!! That’s what today is for, I guess. However, I did manage to make some time for watching a couple episodes of Weeds…just so I wouldn’t go completely nuts. I think I finally figured out why I’ve been so confused. My Spanish professors back home called these verb tenses something just a bit different than they do here. I thought they sounded weird. Today I got so confused in class…my professor kinda got mad at me.

My study guide is up to about…17 pages now. Still not done, but I’m going strong. Now I’ve just started to write down everything I’m hoping to remember (but I know in the back of my head that I won’t). I just keep telling myself that I get a vacation after the test tomorrow—which is true—and that seems to be helping! I’m excited to look up placed in Cabo de Gata…it looks B-E-A-utiful.

So, basically all of the Spaniards are here in Jardines now. That made for an interesting breakfast. First of all, it was Julia #2 who served us (a.k.a. Fig), but it did go a lot faster. HOWEVER, my piece of pan tostada was itsy-bitsy. There were about 12 of us at breakfast, whereas we’re usually used to having only 4 or 5. Then, at lunch, we had even more than that…I’d guess around 20. We’ had pasta and meat sauce (with sunny-side up eggs on the side…random), which I decided they had made because it’s an easy way to feed that many kids. After we had finished, Elena asked us to kindly move our conversation outside the comedor so that other students could take our table. That was a first!

As I said, I’ve spent most of the day studying, yet I still feel like I know nothing. I know have an immense respect for people who speak multiple languages. I don’t know how they keep the different tenses straight! I mean, take this example: María quiso comprar la casa (Maria tried to buy the house) VERSUS María quería comprar la casa (Maria did not want to buy the house). I look at this and can’t decide why people would make a language so hard. That verb should NOT mean so many different things!

Anyway, I should probably get back to studying. SEND ME CANDY. I NEED STUDY SUGAR.

Gelato count: 18

p.s. Telepizza has 1 Euro medium-sized pizzas all of today because of the holiday yesterday…so maybe after tonight’s dinner of deep fried ham and cheese I’ll opt to go get one of those. Florian already ate 3.

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  1. Is your address on your fb profile? i could send you some treats!