Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blood sausage and gelato. Yum.

Back at Jardines for another week. There are a LOT more students here…including a huge group of Germans, but I heard that they are only staying for a week. Apparently it’s some sort of study abroad week through their school. They were SUPER loud downstairs last night, so we’re all hoping that the Jardines staff starts to appreciate how quiet we actually are.

After lunch a bunch of us took advantage of the internet that actually is now working in the common room! I finally got to check my email and post some more pictures from this weekend, etc. http://www.flickr.com/photos/78071008@N00/sets/
Then we headed off to the AIFS cultural meeting at the CLM. This was to go over some of the cultural differences we have experienced so far in Spain. Some of them included PDA, personal space, proper table etiquette and clothing. It was funny to hear about peoples’ encounters. Apparently some of the Senoras get angry when the students don’t eat all of the food they are given. I’m glad Scarlett doesn’t do the same thing…especially since we had blood sausage today! Eek!

After this, we grabbed some gelato before heading back to Jardines. I finally tried this new gelato place where I could get 2 flavors on a small cone! I got coffee (cafe) and hazelnut (nocciola...named this for some reason). Very good…especially them together! Before dinner, I just sort of stayed in…seemed like the thing to do today.

Well, I have to finish some homework.

Gelato count: 15…yeah, I know. I had 2 today. Guess I was making up for the lack over the weekend!

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