Friday, September 18, 2009

Guitarra Flamenca, Barranco del Abogado y El Cementerio Granada

Thursday, September 17, 2009

We got to try out the computer lab today in class. Basically, we just went to our professor's website and did the exercises available…well most of us did. Some spent most of the time on Facebook, haha. However, Emilio’s plan to have us just work on our own was probably a good one, considering about half of our class wasn’t there (and there are normally only 8). They all had late nights out at the disco—there was an ‘international student welcome party’, which I thought sounded sort of weird. It only invited non-Spaniards…

Days are going by faster and faster, it’s hard to believe we only have a little more time left in these intensive Spanish classes before they throw us into the REAL classes. Uh oh! Each night there’s something different to do, so there’s always something to look forward to. Today AIFS had a 2 hour walk planned to the Barranco del Abogado and the Cementerio Granada…through the old Jewish neighborhood, and then through Granada’s cemetery. It was a longgggg uphill walk, but the views were amazing, and it was cool to see another part of Granada I may not have visited otherwise. I tried to get some pictures, but I may have been shaking too much from the exhausting walk for them to turn out well, haha. There was a very good view of the Sierra Nevada! After the walk, we had a little time to freshen up…then it was off to the next activity. Good thing I did my homework right after class!

A few of us went to this cute little cafĂ© for sandwiches and gelato. I tried Coco...a yummy coconut candy bar. I must say, it still wasn’t nearly as good as Joey’s Coconut Chip at Grand Ole Creamery! Anyway, we wandered over to the little local Museo that was hosting a small concert Paula had told us about. It was sort of near school, but since I had opted for heels, it seemed a lot further. Luckily we got there with plenty of time to spare--some other AIFS students were stuck in the ‘standing room only’ area. It was a classic guitar and flamenco guitar concert, but also included a violinist. It was hosted in the courtyard of the museum, and there were only about 30 chairs set out. I was sitting basically front row, and got a couple good videos. All 3 performers were very good…and I plan on going back next Thursday as well!

Adios! Maybe time to get more gelato??? :)

Gelato count: 13

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