Thursday, September 10, 2009


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Class today went by really slowly…my first professor (9am-11) just had us doing worksheets the whole time. However, Sonia (ironically the name of my last Spanish professor at UST), managed to make the second part of class (11am-1pm) more exciting. I’m positive I made the right decision to change classes!

After class, I had to run a few errands, and I was pretty proud of myself with how well I accomplished them, haha. I had to return the book I had bought for my previous Spanish class and exchange it for another, and I had to go buy stamps (sellos) from the post office. The girl at the bookstore understood what I needed to do, and didn’t seem to even bother slowing down what she was saying in return! I think I’m making progress! I rewarded myself with (you guessed it…) some gelato. I tried another new flavor…tarta de queso (cheese cake, with blueberries). It was VERY good. I may have to go back for some more before I go to bed!

Today, Scarlet redeemed herself with lunch. We had pasta with meat sauce.

This evening about 20 of the AIFS students went to this Arabic Tea Ceremony. It was located right next to the Kenia building! So…I could stop by for some tea after class sometime! The ceremony consisted of some belly dancing, the explanation of how they make their tea, the drinking of some tea, and a lot of storytelling. There were also lots of dried fruits and nuts for us to munch on. It was a lot of fun, and some people even got up to try belly dancing!

After dinner, a group of us went to one of the cafeterias close by that we knew had a TV because there was a Spain/Estonia World Cup qualifier game on. Everyone else was outside, but our group took over the inside (horray…). It was a lot of fun to experience the game with the bartenders commenting every once in a while!


Gelato count: 9

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