Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hi everyone...sorry for not being able to post anything! My computer died on me the day before we left for Madrid (2 weeks ago) so I have been stealing internet and computers from other people! However, I have a lot to write about between Madrid, San Jose and the start of classes, SO I didn´t want to spend 5 hours on someone else´s computer!

Now I´m in the AIFS office, using a weird Spanish keyboard that really confuses me...but LOOK AT ALL OF THE COOL THINGS I CAN DO:
ç € ñ ¬ ¿ ¡ á é ó í ú

Haha, I´m just hoping that the computer Dad just bought for me via a Spain Mac store doesn´t have this same confusing keyboard! Well, I´ll hopefully have a loooonnnnnng blog soon about the past two weeks. Thanks for being patient!


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