Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blah, blah, dieta blanda

Tuesday, October 20, 2009, Wednesday, October 21, 2009, and Thursday, October 22, 2009

I still haven’t been feeling too well the past few days, even though my medicine has been helping a lot. Today was the only day it really didn’t help much. I went into the AIFS office and Paula asked me how I was doing. I said I was doing pretty well considering my stomach still hurt a little, so she asked what I had eaten. It was early afternoon so I had only had a little bread. She goes: “No! You can’t have bread! Only toast!” What? Is it just me or is there not really any difference? I thanked her for letting me know, though I’m still not sure how different they could be.

For the past 3 days I’ve been on my “dieta blanda”. Florian keeps making fun of me because all I get are potatoes and fish. YUM. I like some of the fish they give me, but it’s just really…BLAND. The soup I get for lunch has rice in it but it still tastes like fish. The worst was when everyone else got turkey and mashed potatoes, or the day they got French fries and pork, and I was stuck with my baked potato chunks and fish. Hopefully I’m doing this for a reason!

Classes have been going pretty well. My Culture and Civilization class always has a lot of homework, but it’s just a bunch of reading and answering questions about Spanish customs and festivals, etc. Pretty interesting, just very time consuming. On Tuesday I did homework from 3-9, straight through. I mean, Will suggested going out for churros con chocolate, but as soon as we got out the door I remembered that churros are both fried and sugary. No good for Maria. I really like my POE and Literature teacher (they’re the same teacher). She is super nice and is always on top of things. I have my first presentation of the year coming up on Tuesday…and I’m pretty nervous about it because I’m the first person to go in our class! The girl who was supposed to go today switched classes, so I have nothing to base mine off of. Granted it’s only a review of an article, it’s still super intimidating. I’m glad it’s in that class though, because Maria Angeles said she’d be nice to me about it. Yay! In Literature we had to write a poem…in Spanish, obviously. I was really proud of myself when I was actually able to come up with something that was coherent and rhymed! Maybe I’ll post it later…maybe not. It was supposed to be based off of Gustavo Adolfo Becquer’s poem: Volveran las oscuras golondrinas, so it doesn’t quite make sense out of context. Maria Angeles said that Becquer’s poem was the equivalent of a “roses are red, violets are blue…” sort of poem. Apparently Spanish middle school girls write lines from it all over their notebooks. Or at least Maria Angeles did! Haha.

Tomorrow morning our AIFS group leaves for Gibraltar. (Remember your passport, Maria!) After that we head to Sevilla to stay there. The next day we have a tour of Sevilla and stay there another night. On Sunday we leave Sevilla and stop in Cordoba for the day. Then we head back here! I’m excited for this trip, especially since it’s supposed to be nicer in Sevilla than it is here in Granada! Hopefully all goes well and we don’t get stopped by the police again!

I’ve had time to write some more postcards, so being sick hasn’t been that bad I guess. Keep your eyes out for the mail man, one might be coming to you! Or, if you have yet to get one, send me your address and I’ll get one in the mail so it arrives before I get home in December. The post office is HORRIBLE here…for example: they didn’t have stamps today when I went to get some. NO STAMPS. What next? The gelato stores aren’t gonna have gelato? Oh, the horror! Actually, I heard (sadly) that the gelato stores DO close for the winter…but I don’t know when that is. I guess they don’t know who they’re dealing with. I go to Dairy Queen in the dead of winter. It must be a Minnesota thing.

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