Thursday, October 29, 2009

Michael Jackson and David Bisbal (and some other fun stuff)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well, tomorrow we leave for Nerja. I did some research and I think we have a few places we want to go. There are a couple short bus rides we could take to different towns as well, so that might be fun! The one thing I really want to do is go on one of these Jeep tours in the mountains. Well, actually it can either be a jeep tour or a walking tour, or a mixture. However, they’re kinda expensive (60 Euros for a full-day, and 35 for a half-day). I dunno, I think it might be worth it! They also offer rock climbing (Will’s pretty excited about that) and boat excursions. I guess we’ll just have to go check out their office once we get there and see what they have within our price range: cheap.

Today Victor and Florian helped Will and I with our Canary Island project. Well, Victor wrote everything down while Florian yelled about how his island was better than Victor’s and that we shouldn’t even listen to him, haha. “No! There is only one capital! Tenerife!” One funny thing I forgot to mention in the last post is that Victor reminds me a lot of my dad. His face, his mannerisms…it’s actually really weird. PLUS he’s studying chemistry and engineering at UGR. Anyway, we eventually got our questions answered from the quarreling boys. Tonight I think we’re going to see the movie Michael Jackson’s This Is It. It just came out yesterday and is a documentary about the last little bit of Michael Jackson’s life while he prepared for his final concerts that he never got to do…could be rather interesting!

OH! Speaking of concerts! I saw the other day that David Bisbal will be in Granada on December 13th. DAVID BISBAL. Here are 3 of my favorites: (you’ll see why), (used 2 May shows ago), and (we used this one for juggling at the Chinese festival at Highland Park Sr. High, haha). Once we get back from Nerja, I think I may purchase these tickets. Yay!

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