Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vamos campeón!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Today I kinda took it slow and slept a bunch after class again. I didn’t even make it down to lunch. I did a little work on my U of M application and then we had our championship fútbol game! All of the players from the residencia (Will, Adam and I) had gotten bocadillos ahead of time for dinner. Yummmm, jamon y queso.

Adam and Kyle had sorta scoped out the team we were playing and knew they had a few good players. We were missing Mike who had left for Prague earlier today, but we managed to keep a solid defense without him. I didn’t play too much because I still wasn’t feeling that great…but that still isn’t an excuse for me not scoring! Sorry team! Haha. There was a kid from my Literature class on the team, which was sorta funny because he was trash talking a bit in class. I guess tomorrow might be a bit awkward…for him at least. We considered calling the AIFS emergency phone (that Paula keeps on her at all times) to tell her we won, but we decided she can just find out tomorrow, haha. I guess we’ll get a trophy and t-shirts! Yay! I had given my camera to Daryl and some other of the fans who came to watch to take photos of the game. Hopefully I can get those up at some point before I come home! We also got a nice team photo after the game J Way to go AIFS aphids!

Now it’s time for a shower and then tapas!

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