Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Monday, November 9, 2009

Allllllrighty. This day was officially dedicated to studying. Well, first of all I got up a little earlier than normal (around 7:10) to study a bit before I went to take my Culture mid-term. It turns out the teacher decided to make the test NOT multiple choice, but fill in the blank/paragraph answers. She told us this right before we started. I had spent a LOT of time memorizing all 17 comunidades autónomas of Spain and a food famous from there, but that was worthless. She said we could memorize ANY food from there and then write it down, but on the test she had already picked them! I knew about 5 out of the 10 she had. Stupid. Other people said they had the same problem, so maybe she’ll figure that out when she corrects them. Other than that…I think I was able to do decently well!

Literally right after I got home from taking that mid-term (well, after Grammar class), I started studying for my literature mid-term. For some reason NONE of the info would stick! I don’t know what it was…I mean it’s not THAT boring. So, needless to say, studying for that was rough. I made a 12 page hand written study guide for myself. My hand hurt pretty bad after that! Anyway, I studied for the rest of the night with a little break for food (Dominoes!).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And….this day was also dedicated to studying. Well, after I took my literature mid-term. Luckily the things I had studied the most were on it (and the teacher actually formatted the test how she said she was going to). It included 4 essay questions (and had to pick 2) and one poem that we had to analyze. I chose the essay questions about Teatro Romántico and Poesía Romántica. I think I did pretty well, but my hand really did hurt after that. I wrote for almost 2 hours straight! It was really funny because she gave us some scratch paper and I literally FILLED that paper right away so I wouldn’t forget anything (I could barely remember it in the first place). She looked at me like I was crazy…but she’ll understand once she reads my test J

THEN I studied for my Grammar mid-term. Will and I tried to study for this one at Dunkin Coffee, but Spaniards are just tooooooo loud, so we gave up and came back to Jardines. I feel like I haven’t gotten to do anything fun these past few days…I’ve just been sitting on my bed making study guides! How boring!

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