Monday, November 16, 2009

Churros y...clase?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Culture class today started out pretty rough. We got our exams back, but that wasn’t the bad part. She literally just read from our packet…something I had already read last night for homework! I swear she told us to read it, and a few other kids had done the same thing, so we were all pretty bored. BUT, during the break between the first and second hour of her class she went to Café Futbol and bought us all churros! She brought them back in this giant bag and we got to eat those for the rest of class! She claimed that it's just a part of Spanish gastronomia, but then admitted that she was just craving them. Will and I ended up getting a 9 on our presentation on Murcia and the Canary Islands (yay Victor and Florian!) and I got a 9.6 on my written exam. Decent, but it sorta made me angry that the only thing I got wrong was the foods from different provincias…which I KNEW. Anyway, the churros almost made up for that. Almost.

Grammar class wasn’t that exciting either. We worked on a new verb tense (surprise, surprise) and then got our exams back. I did decent, but she graded realllllllly hard, so I didn’t feel too bad about that. After class I took a siesta and then did some homework. We have this project for Literature on a poet named Damaso Alonso that is due the day after we get back from Morocco (Nov. 24), so I figured I should start working on that.

Tonight for dinner we had fish sticks, this stuff that was like coleslaw with rice, and then these fried mini empanadas that actually tasted like Indian samosas. The filling was a bit weird—tomato paste—but I was excited to have something different! At dinner, we found out that one of the kids from the residence, Alan, has to go home because his Spanish visa isn’t long term. I’m not sure on the facts, but it looks like he’ll be leaving next Tuesday to go back home to New York. Oh no! We’ll miss you Alan!

Well, it’s time for a little more homework! I’m just glad mid-terms are over! J

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