Sunday, November 8, 2009

Alubias, Habas, El Fruto Musical

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Last night I think there was a house party (fiesta de la casa?) across the street from Merete and I last night. Literally the whole night there were people outside talking. Loudly. I don’t know if the walls here are just super thin, or if they really were yelling the whole time. There was music and such too—it was nuts. I thought they might give up around 6am, but no. They definitely were still going strong.

Today I spent literally the whole day studying for my Culture mid-term tomorrow. Well, I did take a short break to go to Dunkin Coffee to get a “Moka Dunkalatte” (basically a Mocha). It was very good, and it was much needed after sitting here on my bed for 6 hours straight trying to force myself to be interested in the influences of the Romans in the Mediterranean diet. The title of this blog comes from something I was trying to translate. There are SO many words for each thing in Spanish it seems (well, to be fair, I guess it’s similar in English). For example, I searched “Alubias” and then searched “Habas” right after. I giggled when the translator replied “beans, beans”. Anyway, I had to bundle up to go get coffee…that’s how chilly it has gotten here! I don’t really have a jacket, so I just wore 2 cardigans. That seemed to work, and I actually saw a lot of other girls with layers like that, so I guess that’s part of the Spanish fashion (“moda”). Score one for Maria for accidentally fitting in.

Right now Will’s procrastinating from studying by trying to crack the Microsoft 2008 Word key online. I don’t think he’s having much luck. His notebook looks like this: “AJK834OFQQGKS385, SGIS8327GOWSJ5, 28FSKJL22GN4SP” when it should say “Los Romanos tienen una influencia muy grande…” J He spends quite a bit of time over in our room since his side of the building doesn’t have internet. Merete is studying too…though she also went out earlier to get away for a bit. It gets so dark out so fast here that she said she basically ran home! I think we’ve all settled in for the night…studying and Hipercor snacks.

It was an interesting discovery today when we realized we only have 17 days left of class. WHOA. I feel like once we get to the Morocco trip (November 20-23), that will be the beginning of the end. Once we get back from that trip, we have Thanksgiving dinner that Thursday. It’s a sad feeling, but also happy because it’ll be nice to get back home (no more house parties just 10 feet away across the street, no more noisy motos, etc)!

Anyway—back to studying. I guess I’ve been doing my own procrastinating!

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