Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mrs. Jacob Black

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I had class at 10:30, so I didn’t have to get up SUPER early. Though I did spend about 2 hours working on a project for Literature after we got back to Jardines the night before. It was a group presentation on a poet/writer named Damaso Alonso. Pretty interesting guy.

A lot of people from AIFS weren’t in class because they had trouble with the food from Morocco. I’m really glad I took the stomach protector!

After school I just did some homework and actually had the chance to watch a little TV. I managed to get downstairs before the Spaniards infiltrated. I went back to my Disney Channel and then watched some of this game show called Password (I think we have it in the states to) that is basically Catch Phrase. Then I watched some Will and Grace, which was funny in Spanish because they talk SO fast. I sometimes even have trouble understanding them in English!

That evening Will and I went to go see Luna Nueva (New Moon). It was in Spanish (obviously), but I understood almost all of it! It was sooooo good, I might have to go again! Merete wants to go for her birthday (December 1), so maybe I’ll go with her then!

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