Monday, November 30, 2009

Sorry, tortilla.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I got to sleep in a bit, which was nice. Since it was almost lunch time by the time I had gotten ready, Will and I went to our favorite Sunday Chinese food place, just off of Plaza Gracia. I got my normal pan Chino, pollo con salsa curry, helado limon but this time also tried their arroz frito (fried rice). It was preeeeeetty good, and I’m pretty sure Will ended up eating more of it than I did! After that we settled down to do some homework. Yippee...

Later in the evening we were wandering around trying to find some cheap snacks for dinner, but since it was a Sunday evening, most places were already closed. We ran into Sarah on our way home in defeat and she told us she was meeting some people for Indian food. We took her invitation to tag along. It ended up being Will and a bunch of girls, haha, though I’m sure he didn’t mind. It was Will, me, Liz, Sarah, Daryl, Debbie and Mirella. They had just come from a bar where they were watching the Madrid-Barcelona game. I guess the fans were getting pretty rowdy!

Will and I split some rice and tried their Chicken Tikka Masala. It definitively wasn’t nearly as good as the place in Nerja (or Anupma’s!) but it hit the spot! The serving bowls were so cute—they were basically mini woks, set on thick wood paddles. What a creative idea! They also had really good music, a lot of which sounded almost Cirque-y! Apparently Sarah used to do some sort of Indian dance, because she kept going “OH! I USED TO DANCE TO THIS SONG!” Then she proceeded to talk a tiny bit with the waiter in Hindi! This was all after she first spat out “Thanks! I mean, shokran! Wait…gracias!” I guess that’s proof our minds really are going for a spin over here!

Merete and I cleaned up the room a bit because the board of study abroad advisors is coming to visit Jardines tomorrow. WOW. I have not seen Fig, Julia and Eugenia clean that much, EVER. Well, I guess it’s good for us!

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