Sunday, November 8, 2009

Maria: the brunette rabbit-eater.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ugh, classes early this morning. They were our “recuperacion clases” (recovery classes) because of all of the holidays we have had on Monday/Wednesday classes. I just had Culture and Grammar (some people had 3 or 4 classes), but it still wasn’t the way I wanted to spend my Friday morning!

After lunch, Will and I ran over to the AIFS office before they closed. He had heard that he had a letter there, and they close at 3 on Fridays (and aren’t open on the weekends), so he wanted to get it. It turns out it was a nice letter from his dad with sketches of things from when he had studied in Spain, as well as a sketch of MILEY! It was so cute! After that we walked down to Hipercor, the big department/grocery store about a mile away. It’s kind of a long walk, especially when you have 2 bags of things to carry back. I got some snacks to help me through studying for mid-terms this week/weekend. I have one on Monday, one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday. Luckily my POE class doesn’t have one…we only have a final. I guess our presentation on the article counts basically as our mid-term. I got my grade back on that the other day—an 8.5 which is equal to an A-. I guess that’s good, considering how much I hate talking in front of people!

For dinner, Will and I went out to this Chinese restaurant we had seen a while ago. They have a really cheap “Menu del dia” (5.95 Euros) where I got white rice, a salad, curry chicken, lemon ice cream and a Coke! Pretty good deal considering a normal plate of curry chicken is 4.15 by itself! Will got basically the same thing, except with “Pan Chino”, which I’m sad I didn’t get because it was a giant bean-paste bun—minus the bean paste. And he also got sweet and sour chicken. I liked being in the Chinese restaurant again because it was a break from Spanish…time to think in CHINESE! I heard them talking about us (but whatever, we WERE the only people in there right at 9pm). Will kept thinking he recognized the songs they were playing…he thought they were some of the new Spanish songs he had gotten from Adam. They all turned out to be in Chinese—go figure. After dinner, we wandered around for a bit. It was kind of chilly, but I didn’t really mind. Still, I should probably buy a jacket considering I’ll be coming home to below zero weather. I didn’t plan that out too well!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I got up pretty early because AIFS has this thing called “safari photograph” going on. It’s a contest where you get in groups of 3 or 4 and go around the city and take pictures at certain places. Then Inma and Paula pick the best photo and that group gets a gift certificate to either the Arab Baths or a restaurant of their choice. They give you a piece of paper with clues to go find the different places, for example, the Cathedral. My group (Daryl, Adam, Will and I) had decided to go out Saturday morning to take the photos, but once I got ready, no one else was up! I guess Adam had gotten home at 6am or something crazy. Anyway, then I found out that they had extended the due date of the photos from this Monday until next Monday. Great, I could have slept in longer! I guess Paula had looked at the weather and saw that it was supposed to be cloudy this weekend and they wanted the photos to be “happy and bright”. It was actually really nice out, but oh well, it gives us some more time!

I ALSO got up pretty early because Elena had her kids with her. They were playing downstairs…some game with slamming doors. FUN. Then, the boy kept yelling for “ELENA”, which I later found out was her little girl’s name too. I guess it’s normal for people to name their first-born girl after the mother. I don’t know what the little boy’s name is, but he looks EXCATLY like his dad (Figs’ son…Elena’s ex-husband…the one who comes to eat lunch here every day). He was so cute with his little stuffed animals! They were at Jardines for the whole morning--until about 4pm.

For lunch we had paella today! That was a first. I was really excited about it, and enjoyed it (minus the “pulpo”, or octopus). There was also other meat in it that we thought was chicken. There were a ton of bones, so I couldn’t eat most of the meat, but I managed to get some of it. It was pretty good! Then, after we were done eating, I think it was Florian who informed us of this…the meat was RABBIT.

After lunch I dyed my hair! Mom had sent me my hair dye because my hair had been fading to blonde again (oh no!). It’s the “30 day” stuff, which actually dyes blonde hair permanently and then just fades, as I’ve figured out. I had dyed it right before I left, so I figured now was a good time to make it dark again! I managed to keep my extensions in while I dyed them, but it was probably pretty funny to watch. I had separated all of my extensions from my regular hair and then Will held those out to the side, Pippi-Longstocking style while I dyed my hair. I think it worked pretty well, but once I DO take out my extensions, it’ll be interesting to see the little pieces that didn’t get dyed!

Then Will and I did a bunch of homework. We started making study guides for our mid-terms this coming week. It’s a lot of work, especially since it’s all in Spanish, so everything (even the study guide) has to be in Spanish! Yikes! We worked on that for about…5 hours. There goes my Saturday.

After that we all ate our bocadillos (tortilla espanola). They were sorta dry considering there wasn’t anything like olive oil or mayonnaise in it. Oh well, it was still good! After that Will and I watched The Village (!). I don’t know how he convinced me to watch a semi-scary movie, but he did. Congratulations. It wasn’t that bad, but still.


  1. Have I ever told you the story of eating rabbit as a kid?

    Who is Miley?

  2. Haha, no you haven't...sounds interesting though!!!

    Miley is my cat!