Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lost in always

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yay! Thursday! Today we had a sub, Emilia, in my POE class. She was really nice, but a lot of the class wasn’t very nice to her. We learned a lot of vocabulary relating to objects around the house…most of which probably didn’t stick. Whoops. Then Mariangles was there for Literatura and we started the next tema (theme). We went over different art movements, which I enjoyed. I took a Visual Communications class last semester at UST so I actually sorta knew what was going on! Monkey Man (aka Bob Craig), my professor would have been proud! Then again, I didn’t really know how to explain any of it in Spanish, so my knowledge was…lost in translation.

After class today I spent some time doing homework just so I won’t have to think about it this weekend. Tomorrow we have a tour of Garcia Lorca’s house and then my Safari Photo group is going around to take our photos. That should be fun. I’ve walked around the Garcia Lorca park, but I haven’t ever been to his house! Then, Will and I are in the midst of planning out a trip to Malaga for Saturday to go see Ringling Bros. I really hope that can happen, but it depends on bus availability! I’m also trying to plan something for the long weekend we have over the first weekend in December. Everyone else seems to have been all over the place, so I’ve been trying to get suggestions. Of course, I’d love to go to Italy again, but flights looked pretty expensive! Another group of people suggested Greece, which would be amazing! Hopefully I can find a relatively cheap flight! J

I forgot to mention a fun incident that happened on Tuesday night. Will and I were studying for our Grammar mid-term when we heard a knock on the door. It was Marta from next door. She had this paper she had written in English that she needed edited. It was very difficult trying to explain some things to her, but the paper in general was really good! She had some minor things here and there that we eventually explained to her, in a mixture of English and Spanish. Then she offered to help us with our Grammar, which was nice, but we politely declined because there was no hope in saving us. Haha. She thought that was funny.

Well, time for some relaxation time! Yay! I’ll finally have the chance to dig into my goodie box from home! (Thanks, Mom!)

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