Friday, November 27, 2009

my make-shift family

Friday, November, 27, 2009

Dinner last night was VERY good. I wasn’t nearly as good as food from back home, but who can blame them for not knowing how to make stuffing. We had about 5 courses: bruchetta stuff, soup, main course, dessert, coffee, etc. All of it was pretty tasty! I really enjoyed the blueberry sauce they had for the turkey! The ‘pumpkin pie’ wasn’t really pumpkin pie. It was more like pumpkin flan—a consistency I just couldn’t handle. Well all each had about 5 glasses in front of us: water, white wine, red wine, champagne and a Coke/Fanta. It was funny to watch people decide which glass to drink from. We all sat at one big table, which reminded me of Hogwarts (even though the obviously don’t celebrate Thanksgiving there because it’s England, haha). I chose a spot at the far end so I could get some good pictures of the whole group. Once we all sat down, I then passed my camera down the row and said “take a picture and pass it down”. I think that was the most brilliant idea I’ve had yet, haha. And now I have some very interesting photos that I never would have gotten otherwise! A few other cameras started coming around the table, so I guess other people thought it was a good idea as well. We had a few people make toasts and Ashley sang “I’ll be Home for Christmas” (because we will be)! It was a really fun night—especially seeing everyone dressed up all fancy!

After dinner, we all went out for a bit. We ended up at a karaoke bar, and this other bar called Babylon. Emmy brought her 2 brothers along with her, so that was pretty funny to see them in the middle of the Spaniard’s dance circles every once in a while. Some people had to run home to change shoes, since heels weren’t the best choice for all the walking we were doing. Good thing I packed my flats!

All in all it was a wonderful Thanksgiving, even though I really did miss being with family. I guess, like Paula said, the AIFS group has turned into my make-shift family. Aww.

Anyway, today was a very laid back day. It was the first time in a long time that I actually had the chance to sleep in! We’re always on trips and such and the days are always planned out to start very early. I was happy to wake up in time for lunch J After that, we walked around a bit, enjoying the weather. In the evening, we went to see La Cuenta de Navidad (A Christmas Carol). It said it was for all ages, but I definitely heard some kids crying. I was even terrified! I didn’t know Disney animated movies could be that scary…granted the sound was just super loud as well, so it made it even worse! Overall, it was a very good movie. The detail of the animation was amazing. I had thought it was real people until we actually got into the theater. The posters and such look so realistic!

Time for hot chocolate and some more Monk episodes! I hope we can take over the basement again! Crazy Spaniards and their sneaky tactics of stealing the basement.

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