Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gracias, Father Dease

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today in POE we talked about tattoos and piercings. That was interesting. And then in Literature we finished up a lot about the poets and writers of the 40s and 50s in Spain. Only 2 more classes of each of those! AHH!

After class I worked for about 5 hours on my Culture project—a Powerpoint on Spanish cinema. I think it turned out pretty good! At 8, Will, Adam and I went and met Tim Dohmen at his hotel. Briana and Catherine were there too. Horray for St. Thomas! We decided to go to this Indian restaurant, because Tim really had no idea what would be a good place to just sit and be able to talk. He said he didn’t go much for the “traditional Spanish” food they had at lunch…so he was glad we chose the Indian place! He studied abroad for a while in England, so he was knowledgeable in the different Indian foods! I got this curry that had pineapple and chicken in it. It was really good! We all laughed about how Father Dease had just bought us 2 bottles of wine and a 100 Euro meal. Bueno.

Anyway, it was really interesting talking to him, and hearing his perspective. He said the same about us. We basically told him that we would all definitely recommend AIFS to anyone who was interested in Spain/Granada. The side trips are very fun and since they’re already planned for you, it’s fun to just be able to relax too! He told us about how the people on the board that is with him here in Granada right now come from all different aspects: some teachers, some advisors like him, and some heads of universities, etc. They sat in on some classes, and while some of the teachers were a little more picky about how they rated the classes, he said he thought they were wonderful (which I guess Paula liked to hear since she told us later that she like him and trusted his opinion most of all of the people on the board). He leaves to go see the AIFS Salamanca campus on Wednesday morning, and then is off to Poland or something for the weekend. Then he goes back for an unofficial visit to some UST kids in Barcelona and Madrid. Sounds like a pretty fun job!

Well, Catherine, Briana and I left dinner after about an hour and a half. Tim knew it was someone’s birthday and that we sorta had plans, but I felt bad leaving him and they boys there! We literally ran to the movie theater to meet Merete, Mirella, Chryssi, Kara and Marisa. Yay for Luna Nueva again! I was sad I missed out on tapas and crepes that they had while we were at the Indian restaurant…but free food is totally worth it! (Sorry Merete!) Will said that he, Tim and Adam had fun talking some more once we had left for the movie. At first at the movie it was Kara, Catherine, Briana and I, but then Catherine and Briana went to the bathroom before we went into the theater. Kara and I got seats, and when I went out to get popcorn, I ran into Merete, Chryssi, Marisa and Mirella. Marisa and Chryssi went to the bathroom, but Merete and Mirella came back into the theater with me. Marisa and Chryssi showed up just a bit later, and I was super confused as to where Catherine and Briana were...they still hadn't shown up in our theater! It turns out they had gone into the wrong theater, and it was already half over. Neither of them really knew the story that well, so they didn't realize it until the movie was over after only an hour! They said they just hadn't looked at their tickets to check the theater! Haha.

Overall it was a pretty fun day! …If it only hadn’t been for that Powerpoint I worked so long on!

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