Tuesday, December 8, 2009

'Cause you're hot then you're cold...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Will and I are some of just a few people who are still at Jardines…which I guess it’s good for the people who aren’t here because there still isn’t hot water! Ugh! They said that a moto hit our hot water…which I don't quite believe... No one’s trying to fix anything, and she said it’ll be back on tomorrow morning. How convenient.

Anyway, Merete got home pretty early this morning from Barcelona. I got up and began on my final project for POE. I have to choose a famous Granadian and find their plaza or street, etc. that they have named after them and do a short paper about them. I chose to do Luis Rosales, but had a rather hard time finding my little plaza! I Google-earthed it, but it still was hard to find. Will chose to do Manuel de Falla, who was a composer. He has this huge orchestra hall named after him, conveniently placed next to the Alhambra. So, we hiked up there today…in t-shirts and tank tops! It really felt like fall(a…haha), with all of the tress with leaves falling and such.

We wandered over to Dunkin Coffee for breakfast/lunch. After that we walked around a bit more down towards Neptuno Mall. They have an ice skating rink outside of the mall…it’s kinda funny just to go watch everyone because it literally seems like almost all of them have never seen an ice rink before. I kinda wanted to join in and help hold some of them up. It looked painful falling that much! Haha. They all looked like they were having fun anyways! Hopefully I can make it over there sometime this week…before finals and everything starts! Yikes! Only a little over a week left!

People started arriving back at Jardines once we went back to start on our papers. I was a little upset when we watched older Julia walk into the basement room (where the presumed hot water valve is) and then walk back out. I’m still waiting for my warm water! It’s freezinggggggg!

Once almost everyone got back, we went out for Chinese food, since the staff here is still on “break” (meaning they don’t cook/clean/do laundry over holidays or the days that follow). It was quite yummy.

Well, time for a sink-bath. Yay…


  1. Freezing is the 8" of snow that we just got...causing a snow day today. :p

  2. Snow day?! Those are so rare in MN! I'm sad I missed it...hope you enjoyed it!