Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Palm Christmas trees?!

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Well, like I said, we left in the morning on Friday for Marbella. The bus ride wasn’t that bad, as it sometimes is on the way to Nerja. We just found our little hostal and got settled before we wandered around. It was a very pretty town, and my favorite part was just walking around and looking at the cute little buildings on the side streets. It feels a lot bigger than Nerja! Unfortunately, my camera died basically as soon as we arrived. I thought I had packed my charger, but it turns out I grabbed my wrong “electronics” bag. Well, at least I had my flashdrive incase I needed to transfer some files, haha.

It wasn’t warm enough to swim either of the days we were there, but that was okay. I hadn’t really planned on it anyway. It was obviously “off-season”, because a lot of the tiendas, and even some of the hotels near the beach were closed until around March. Regardless, there were still some touristy stores open, and we found a nice pizzeria and a Mercado to get some food.

Sunday we made our way from Marbella to Nerja. The guy at the hostal laughed when he saw us there again (for the 3rd time), but was very happy to have us back and offered us coffee with him right away. We got settled in, and tried to make it over to see the donkeys/pigs/horses again before they closed at 2, but we were just a bit too late. Oh well…maybe next time, haha. We headed over to the Balcon, where they were setting up Christmas lights all over. It was weird to see Christmas lights on palm trees…that was a first for me! Then we walked over towards Playa Burriana for a stroll along the beach during the sunset. It was kinda chilly, but nothing like the -6 or so I heard they were having in Minnesota! I couldn’t believe it was December and I was just in my sweatshirt! Anyway, after our walk along the beach, we hit up our regular Indian place for dinner. They were funny when they saw us again, too. Will walked in first and the woman goes “Welcome back, Will!” Haha, the people in the restaurant probably thought we used to work there or something. The food was wonderful as always, and they even threw in some extra Chicken Pakora for us! Yay! After dinner we went back to see the Christmas lights. It was SO cool! The whole Balcon was lit up, and there were TONS of people. I didn’t even know that many people were in Nerja, since it’s off-season! It was fun to watch all of the families with their little kids. It made me miss home though…I want a Christmas tree!

The next morning we got up and wandered around some more, heading up more towards the mountains. We considered going to the small town of Frigiliana before out 7:15 bus home, but decided against it, considering the river still wasn’t even visible (they dam it up, and I still have yet to see it un-dammed…if that’s a word).

Well, we caught our bus home to Jardines. It really is starting to feel like a second home! Except for the fact that they had turned off the hot water…I don’t think my mom has ever done that to me! That was an unfortunate end to the weekend, but it was still a lot of fun and I’m glad we went!

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