Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A whole mezcla of things

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pilar was sick again, and we had Amelia as the sub for the second time. Sadly, a lot of people just left when they saw it was her again. Since we had already finished the book, we just sorta reviewed some stuff about flamenco, and then watched this documentary by Carlos Saura about flamenco (one of the filmmakers I wrote about in my Powerpoint). It was really cool! It really made me want to go buy some traditional music like that!

Today in Grammar, Lola started trying to tell us about something that happened on the plane when she was flying to the US. Since she learned “British English”, so she was not used to the pronunciation. I guess the stewardess asked her if she wanted “water”, and she didn’t understand at ALL. She was used to the British “wah-tuhr”. Well, you get the point. Anyway, she picked up on it finally, and when she was in the states, she was in Texas and her friend who TEACHES English in Spain couldn’t understand a THING. She was proud of herself for understanding the southern accent, haha and related it to us being able to understand her and her fellow Andalucians. She said we’re ready for ANYTHING now…except Chinese (I beg to differ! J).

On the way home from class Will and I stopped at the AIFS office to fill out their evaluation form. There was a form for Jardines and one for AIFS. I think I was pretty nice, except I said older Julia (Fig) can be difficult to get along with considering how controlling she is over everything. That seemed legitimate.

On the way back to Jardines Will goes “we should send our Culture project to Pilar.” And right as he says Pilar, I look up and Pilar’s staring at us, walking towards us! Que Misterioso! She said she had gone to the doctor to get tested for Gripe A (Swine flu), and told us about how she was really sad she couldn’t teach about Gitanos and Flamenco because they’re her favorite topics! That’s too bad…she really did seem sick. Will says “well, at least we got our participation points for today”. Haha, true. Speaking of Gripe A, Victor is over his case of it, finally after over a week. He walked in to lunch today and got a round of applause, haha.

Tonight we went to this bar for Catherine’s birthday. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of people were there, so that was nice for her. It was really random though, because they were playing Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam on 4 of their TVs. Of course, people who have friended me on Facebook have slowly begun to figure out about the “circus thing” that I do, so I spent the evening trying to get out of answering 5 billion questions about it. I left sorta early because I have class early in the morning, but they were on their way to the disco called Vogue for the Michael Jackson themed party. Some people even had white gloves and sparkly shirts! Haha.

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