Friday, December 11, 2009

Classes, ceremonies and cantantes

Thursday, December, 10, 2009

LAST DAY OF CLASSES! YAY! I really like Mariangeles, so I was a little more sad to be done with POE and Literature than I was to be done with my classes yesterday. However, I won’t miss sitting through 4 hours of her talking on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I mean, I figure I understand about 80-85% of what she says, but it’s just the LENGTH of the classes that gets to me! Anyway, we reviewed a bit for the finals, and then after class I asked her to take a picture with me. She was so embarrassed that she was “SO” much shorter than me. Even though she’s not really. Then, at around 2:45 in the middle of the CLM courtyard, they had the trophy presentation ceremony for the intramural teams of basketball, volleyball and soccer. AIFS almost got the sweep, but ended up as “subcampeons” for volleyball. Oh well, they still got a trophy! Inma was there with her little video camera, getting all of us yelling ridiculously. I got some photos on my camera too! The soccer trophy was the biggest of them all, and some people said they wanted to bring it to botellón tonight or to our goodbye dinner tomorrow night to drink out of it, haha. We also got t-shirts…hunter orange t-shirts. Very classy, CLM. I said we should all wear them the day we leave for home, so we can all get off the bus at the Malaga airport and look like some funny tour group…just in case we already don’t stand out enough! Haha, it was a fun little ceremony!

Oh! On my way TO school, I found my first fire hydrant. I had been wondering about that, since I hadn’t seen one yet…and I started wondering in general what they do about fires and stuff considering I still have yet to find a fire alarm in my room… Anyway, the fire hydrant is actually just this red rectangle on the ground in the middle of the street that says “BOMBEROS” (firefighters). No wonder dogs just pee in the street! All they’re trying to do is pee on the fire hydrants! J

On the way home from the ceremony, Will and I decided that since we weren’t going to make it back to Jardines in time for lunch, that we would go out…to celebrate. We chose Burger King! I mean, it’s literally RIGHT on our way home, so it worked out. We got their “King Ahora” meal which is 3 Euros for a chicken sandwich, fries and a pop. Yum!

At dinner, Florian told us that the movie the Spaniards had wanted to go see with us was only showing really late, so he decided to have a party at his flat instead. I figured it’s one of the last days to hang out with people, since I’ll be stuck in my room studying the rest of the weekend and next week, so I said I’d go. Marisa, Chryssi, Adam and I went from Jardines, and Lauren and Erika met us there too. Victor, Lewis and Florian live in the flat, so obviously they were there. Florian also invited some girls from his class (he’s such a ladies man), so those 5 were fun to meet. At first they didn’t think we knew much Spanish, but then picked up on it when we laughed at things they said. We shared funny Youtube videos with them, which was really funny to hear what they thought about them. Apparently one of them is from the Ukraine, one is Latvian, and one was from Sevilla, etc. They were from all over! They thought it was really cool when we told them where we were from. I said “Minnesota” and Alicia goes “OOOH! Cerca de Canadá, ¿no? Canadá es muy, muy bonita!” Haha, so at least she knew where Minnesota was…I was impressed! After a while at Florians, we went to Hannigans for some Karaoke (but stopped for a Shwarma on the way). It was super crowded, and by the time we got there they were almost done with the songs for the night (well, it WAS like…2:30), but Florian charmed his way into getting us a song to sing. What did he choose? White Christmas. Haha. All of us went up there when it was our turn…it was pretty funny because the Spaniards knew the song better than us! Haha. I’m sure those photos will be fun to see! Some German kids were singing a German song right before us, and before that there were a bunch of Spaniards singing Lady Gaga. It was just a fun mix of people.

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