Thursday, December 10, 2009

¿Quién es Luis Rosales?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

AHH! No one knows anything about Luis Rosales! I have to interview at least 3 people, and everyone I have asked so far doesn’t know anything about him! Mariangeles was sure people would know something about him because he’s from Granada…I guess it’s like asking someone in MN to talk about Charles Shultz. Anyway, I asked Florian, Victor, this other kid at dinner (whoops, forgot his name…Lloyd? No…that’s not Spanish), Esteno and even Elena. Victor goes “the first time I heard about him was just now.” Elena told me to go online and look at peoples’ thoughts on him and then put her name to one of those thoughts. Uh oh, I might have to!

Anyway, today was rather boring because it was just a lot of review in class. Pilar was back finally, so she just went over everything for the final. It’s a LOT of material! Then, in grammar, we finished up the Subjunctive verb tense and did this funny exercise where we had to go around and ask people if they knew someone who…can do/has something weird with them. We found out a lot of weird stuff. For example, we talked for a long time about the pregnant man, and then about this girl who has 2 different colored eyes. Then Will talked about color-blindness, and then Emmy told us that her brother (who we all met at Thanksgiving dinner) has 2 left feet and 2 right hands. No wonder he wouldn’t take his jacket off at the bar! Lola didn’t believe her, haha. Then we got into an interesting conversation about sex changes, because apparently it’s free here in Andalucía. Lola said that everyone here has to pay for dental work, but if you want a sex change it’s free! Mom…Dad…there’s something I need to tell you. Just kidding, the name “Mario” doesn’t suite me quite right.

I worked for a long time on my project today (even though I don’t have my interviews done yet!). I sent it to Mariangeles, so hopefully she gets a chance to read through what I have so far before tomorrow! I was surprised by how much I could actually write—without help from Google translate! Here’s a clip from it: Luis Rosales Camacho nació en Granada el 31 de mayo de 1910. Fue un ensayista y poeta español de la generación de 1936. En 1930 se traslada a Madrid para estudiar Filosofía y Letras, y finalmente obtuvo el doctorado de los dos a la Universidad de Madrid. Inició su actividad literaria con una revista dirigida por Pablo Neruda y José Bergamín, se llama Cruz y Raya. Rosales nació en Granada, pero eso no es todo lo que lo ataron a la ciudad. También había mucha familia y buenos amigos de aquí. Fue buen amigo de Federico García Lorca, que se ha refugiado en su casa de Granada durante la Guerra Civil. Lamentablemente fue finalmente ha detenido allí en agosto de 1936. Blah, blah blah.

Oh, then I took a break from my homework to make this masterpiece that all you Twilighters will enjoy:

Haha, ‘ta luego!

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